Pinay Bold Stars: The Famous Women You Want to Know About

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If you are searching for information on your favorite Pinay bold stars, you are in luck. Here, I will list some Pinay bold stars along with information about them. You might wonder what makes these amazing women rank as Pinay bold stars. They rank because they are bold in the ways they live and share their lives with the world. They are young, yet they have boldly acheived success in ways that people twice their age could only dream about. Hopefully, we can use the lives of these women as inspiration for living our lives more boldly, too.

Bea Alonzo- Bea Alonzo was born in 1987 to a Filipina mom and a Brittish dad and always dreamed of being in show business. Before she ranked among Pinay bold stars, she was active in beauty pagents and did well in them.

Maja Salvador- Maja Salvador is one of the Pinay bold stars in active contract with ABS-CBN and is the daughter of an actor. She was born in 1988.

Angel Locsin- Angel Locsin is one of the Pinay bold stars who was featured in Mulawin. She was born in 1985 and is also known for starring in Love Me Again.

Marian Rivera- Marian Rivera is one of the Pinay bold stars from Kung Mamahalin Mo Lang Ako. In fact, she played the leading role. Pretty impressive!

Katrina Halili- Katrina Halili was born in 1986 and starred on Sine Novela: Magdusa Ka, a famous soap. Many people hold her as a favorite amongst the Pinay bold stars.

Kim Chiu- Kim Chiu is one of the youngest of the Pinay bold stars, born in the year 1990. She has already risen to great fame as the first winner of the show, Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition.

Of course, there are lots of other famous Pinay bold stars, but hopefully I have mentioned some of your favorites and given you some starting information on them. Go Pinay bold stars! Thank you for being bold enough to share your life and your passions with the world.


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