Saving money on makeup!

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First lets talk about the items that are not usually ok to purchase at the dollar store. This, of course, does not include the types of dollar stores that charge more than a dollar (dollar general, family dollar), it is exclusively about the “Everything is $1.00” stores. Items you may not want to purchase at dollar stores are foundation, concealer, and powder. Oftentimes there are rare or temporary brands of these three items that are acceptable..but to be safe you really shouldn’t purchase these types of items there.

There are exceptions. I often notice that Cover Girl for the darkest skin tones is often in dollar stores from other stores that weren’t able to sell it. That is a great way to save money. If you really want to try them out, go ahead. I wouldn’t recommend using the foundation on your face. Think about it…the thing that will be clogging your pores for 16 hours straight every single day…should it really be from the dollar store and probably made out of baby seals and Crisco. Ya know? The powder from dollar stores is usually weird and light…not to mention the creepy powder puffs they come with….they are as thin as tissue paper. The concealers usually break up throughout the day…leaving weird lines or marks on your face.  Now onto the products that are ABSOLUTELY a good idea to purchase at dollar stores.

Blush, eye liner, mascara, lip gloss, lip liner. These items are all find to purchase at these discount stores because they are the “extras.” You really have to try hard to create a blush that is unusable … its just colored powder. Lip gloss …. even the most expensive lip glosses can be sticky or leave a line after a few hours. Lip gloss is just one of those things that you have to keep an eye on and retouch as the day goes on. These items are all acceptable purchases from a dollar store. Bronzer as well.  Just try them out … they’re cheap enough to try and its not as if you are wasting the dollar..if you find a product you like and repeatedly use it you are actually saving tons of money. Happy shopping!


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