Printing and paying for shipping labels at home without having to go to the post office at all!

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If you’d like to send a package, but dread the post office printing shipping labels from home using the postal service website is an awesome way to save time. First wrap and tape the package you are going to be shipping. Weight the package on your scale and write down the weight. It is important to have your package already weighed and taped before weighing to ensure an accurate weight for shipment. Then go to  You then click on “print shipping labels” at the top of the screen. It will ask you to select which country you will be shipping from. Do this, and then you will be asked to “sign in.”

Creating a log in is super easy …. follow the steps to set up an account and password. When you are done with that you will be prompted to enter the shipping from and shipping to addresses and emails. You are then prompted to enter the weight, size, and shipping date. These are fairly simple options. When you have completed those three categories click on “continue.” You will be taken to the page that shows you all of your shipping options for what type of packaging and the time frame you’d like this item mailed in.

Select the one you would like and if you would like insurance, delivery confirmation, or signature confirmation … or not … then click “continue.” Enter your payment information. It is a good idea to save your credit card info for later use to save time paying for future labels.  You are now at the step where the label is printed. After your label is printed it will ask you if it printed successfully. You then take it out of the printer … cut it out … and place it on your package.

You then place the package out near your mailbox and the mailman will pick it up when he comes to deliver your mail… much like he does with letters you leave in the mailbox to be picked up. Its as simple as that … and all you had to do was click a few times and a type a few things. Enjoy all the free time you’ll be saving NOT being at the post office!


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