Free cell phone ringers in under 2 minutes!

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The first step in picking a ringtone is picking either a movie clip, song, or noise that you would really enjoy having as your ringtone. Go to and type into the search bar which noise you selected. Then go to the “voice record” setting on your cell phone.

As you begin the clip hit “record” on your cell phone. Hit stop when you are done recording the sound. The sound will keep looping as your phone make sure to stop at a point that is natural.  You should make recordings of a couple songs that you like just to have on hand when you feel like switchig your tone.  If it is your birthday…you can have “happy birthday” for your tone.  If you are attending a wedding you can have “goin’ to the chapel.”  The possibilities are seriously endless!

It literally takes 2 seconds to change tones once they are saved in your cell phoneThen select “apply as ring tone” on your cell phone. Now, after a couple seconds you have a free ring tone of whatever you want…absolutely free!  So don’t ever pay money for those ring tone scams that tell you to text a word to a special number…because when you do you are agreeing to a contract where you get charged monthly on your phone bill.  Just use this method and save yourself time, money, and trouble.


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