Making sure you receive your mail in the winter

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In the winter, mail carriers have the option of not delivering your mail if the sidewalks and walkways are not clear enough for them to deliver.   Getting mad at the postal carrier is not the way to go.  In the winter its annoying to just walk out to our cars through the snow…imagine if you had to go house to house to house for hours in the snow.  They’re freezing and exhausted, so if you follow these steps you’ll make their job a little easier, and have a better chance of receiving your mail in inclement weather.

Of course, certain situations do not allow mail carriers to deliver the mail no matter what your sidewalk or walkway looks like.  If you are waiting for an important package, and it has tracking information on it, then you can go online and if there is a weather situation that doesn’t allow delivery regardless of your shoveling situation.  Its much easier than shoveling and wondering if it ever going to show up.

Rather than shoveling the whole driveway and getting ridiculously sore and exhausted simply shovel a path from your front entryway (or wherever you mailbox is located) to the road. If your neighbor’s sidewalks aren’t shoveled, shoveling yours isn’t going to make a difference because it is not as if the mailman will be able to walk down the sidewalk anyways. Then salt the path.  If you follow these steps, then the mailman will be sure to receive your mail when you expect it. You just have to keep in mind that your walkway should look like a path that you yourself wouldn’t mind walking down. Happy winter!


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