Kite Runner Chapter Summaries

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Find Kite Runner chapter summaries online to help you out. You’re probably here because for some reason you were supposed to read Kite Runner but you did not get around to it. Either that, or you are looking for a particular event in the Kite Runner book and you want to know where to find it.

You are in luck because Wiki has free Kite Runner chapter summaries on the web to help you out. All twenty-five chapters of this well known best-selling book are clearly laid out so that you can find what you are looking for or study for that important exam on the book. Simpley go here and scroll down to read a summary of the entire book and then to read the Kite Runner chapter summaries.

If you are looking to quickly study Kite Runner, beware that the movie and the book differ greatly, so you would be better off studying the Kite Runner chapter summaries. Of course, after your exam, you might find that the movie is very entertaining. You just don’t want to watch it ahead of time and get your facts mixed up before the test.

One other word of caution. If you are expected to write your own Kite Runner chapter summaries, make sure you do so in your own words, out of your own understanding. Copying Kite Runner chapter summaries off of the web is not legal and could get you into trouble. So, word for the wise is to read the summaries, skim through (and hopefully read) the book and then write your own Kite Runner chapter summaries based on what you take from the book. Have fun and good luck!


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