British Dad at 13!

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Baby-faced Alfie, who is 13 but looks more like eight, became a father four days ago when his girlfriend Chantelle Steadman gave birth to 7lb 3oz Maisie Roxanne

That picture is not siblings but father and daughter! I am guessing your jaws are down right now, same here. While reading the article from a newspaper I was startled about what our society is turning today. I mean it’s not only in Britain but all over the world. Our children are having children.

Alfie is 13 years old and yes he’s a new dad of a week year old Maisie Roxan with Chantelle 15 as the mother. Both just had a single unprotected sex and because they were both young they didn’t know Chantelle was pregnant when her mom suspected about her rapid gain of weight. Together with Alfie they went to the doctor and find out she was pregnant. At first she cried and worried how they would tell their parents but they felt excited about being great parents. The two admitted to be unaware about the responsibilities where to get the money to raise their kid since they both receive and supported by their parents.

Their parents were outraged about what happened but since they are against abortion they decided to keep the baby.
For my own opinion, I think we should give more time with our children to prevent them from being curious about sex and properly educate them of the cause and effects. If we have time with our children we can feel up what our children needs, they need more than money.



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