Antique And Old Furniture, Renew The Use of Your Old Curtains to Decorate And Achieve an Original Designer Look.

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Things You’ll Need:

* Old Curtain (lace is fufu and shabby chic)
* Glue gun
* Staple gun/staples
* Foam (thinnest piece you can find)
* Table

OLD CURTAINS: Have some old lace, or other type of curtains a little tattered here and there?
IDEA: I know everyone must of come across those little round wood tables at stores, you screw the legs into and can buy an optional glass top, this is perfect for those tables and any old table is great for that shabby chic look, antique, French, modern ect….

First you take a piece of foam, very thin cut it to the shape of the top of the table then take the glue and apply it to the table and press the foam down on top of the table evenly.

Next cut your curtain to the shape of the table, however, cut at least 4 inches wider around the table enough to go under the table to be stapled underneath. Remove the table legs then take the curtain and lay it on the floor and flip the table on top of it. Then grab pieces of curtain and staple it to underneath, folding it as you go so the material looks smooth on the top, cut any excess curtain, reattach the legs and flip over the table. Now you have a designer table with the look of shabby chic.

Tips & Warnings

* With the economy the way it is it’s worth finding new ways to recycle our things and be creative.
* When doing the table, make sure the wood will hold a staple.
* Use everything carefully.


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