Cheaply purchase scrapbooking supplies and stickers

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1By taking occasional trips to the dollar store you can really build up your sticker supply. A lot of the items at the dollar store are very high quality … but perhaps out of season. You might find normally expensive Christmas stickers at the dollar store in January. A lot of the holiday stickers are also multi-purpose. For example … who is to say that a heart sticker is just for Valentine’s Day cards? It means love … which applies to many holidays and cards.  If you purchase your stickers at a craft store they can be 5.99 for just one sheet of nice stickers.  The reason that dollar stores have the nice sticers so cheaply at times is because they are off season.  If valentine’s day just went by…chances are you’ll find some very high quality heart and love stickers for only a dollar.  Take advantage of this!

Every time you go to the dollar store check out the sticker section pick up a few sheets of stickers even if they are out of season. You’ll have the in stock … and if a last minute event comes up you’ll have the exact right supplies!
Keep the stickers organized so that you know what you have when you need it. Organization is a big part of scrapbooking. Don’t underestimate the importance of stickers on a greeting card … they really show that you put effort into the greeting. Happy stickering!


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