Have a Cell Phone for About $5 a Month

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     Buy a Virgin Mobile phone-available at many stores including Walmart, Kmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. or online at virginmobileusa.com. Phones start at $9.99. I suggest the TNT phone-it sells for $14.99 at Walmart.

     Activate your phone at virginmobileusa.com. When activating you will come to a box that says kickbacks code. In this box you can put in a code that will get you a free 60 minutes of air time. You are welcome to use my code which is WTspYnQL if you would like. Enter it exactly as shown and start your service out with at least $20 and we will each get 60 minutes of free airtime. Once you have your account started you can register for your own kickbacks code. Select the 20 cents a minute basic plan and follow all instructions to activate your phone. You will also get $2.50 air time free for activating your phone.  After activating your phone and buying $20 worth of air time so you can get the free 60 minutes sign up for Auto Top-up at $15 every 90 days. You will get another $5 in free air time for signing up for Auto Top-up. Now sign up for Sugar Mama at the Virgin Mobile website. Sugar Mama is basically little one-minute ads that you watch online and for each one you watch you get a free minute of air time. You can do up to 5 minutes a day and 75 minutes per calendar month. OK now you have a cell phone that has good call quality (it uses the Sprint Network) and will only cost you about $5 a month ($15 every 90 days) and you will not have a contract and you can cancel any time you want. Here is what you get for your $5:
$5 divided by 20 cents a minute=25 minutes
Maximum free minutes from Sugar Mama=75 minutes

      That is 100 minutes per month for $5. You can also refer friends to Virgin Mobile and have them use your kickbacks code and earn 60 free minutes each time. Virgin Mobile also has many other plans available if 100 minutes is not enough for you. They have totally unlimited calling for $79.99 a month. I use the 20 cents a minute plan and get all the free minutes I can. This works great for me as I am a fairly light user. So I use the phone whenever I want and I am charged $16.30 with my local sales tax included every 90 days. That comes out to $5.43 a month for 100 minutes or 5.43 cents a minute-this a very inexpensive cell phone. Watch for future articles I will be writing about having the good things in life without going broke paying for them.     

     Virgin Mobile will say that you need to Top-up with a least $20 every 90 days to keep your account active but if you sign up for Auto Top-up you only have to do $15 every 90 days. Auto Top-up is the way to go because if you do need use the phone a lot for an emergency or something they will automatically top you up when your balance falls below $5.           

     If you are a heavy cell phone user the 20 cents a minute plan would not be a good choice. Virgin Mobile does have many other reasonably priced plans all the way up to Totally Unlimited Calling for $79.99 a month which is very reasonable. All Virgin Mobile plans have no contracts and no roaming or long-distance charges. You can change plans at any time.


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