Rotten neighbors … turning them into friends

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If you have a neighbor that is not your biggest fan and you don’t feel as if you did anything wrong to merit this hatred ….. there are several things you can do. First of all …. realize this …. you don’t actually have to like them to be nice to them. Think of it this way …. someday your car battery will be dead, or you’ll be locked out … and they might be the only one around. You don’t have to be nice to them because they deserve it…..just think of it as one more ally in your corner. As generic and Stepford as it sounds…try baking something and bringing it over and leaving it on the doorstep. I know it sounds ridiculous…and at first they might throw them on your front lawn….but you’ve planted the seed.

     Next..and perhaps the BEST tip ever…..shovel their walkway during a snowstorm before they get a chance to. Don’t knock and ask…just do it….and go home. They’ll hear the shoveling and see you out there. If you are on your way to the grocery store and they’re outside just yell “I’m on my way to the store…would you like me to pick up anything for you?”

     If at this point they don’t like you….then they’re insane. They have an unreasonable hatred for you…they’re nuts and you shouldn’t even worry about it anymore. Most times though, the hatred directed at you is from a general distrust for neighbors caused by bad neighbors that had lived there before you. You could be the nicest person in the world….but it might take time to undo the bad one by your previous neighbor….the crackhead. Good luck..and remember…a fake smile is still a smile!


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