Store Closings. Layoffs, & Economy Problems around the United States

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Sad to see some of our favorite stores are going, going, gone!  With the economy in such termoil and with we the people not having the money to spend on the things we want. So many questions that only time will tell. Sadly there is no simple solution to this dynamic problem. This problem that seems we will not see a big change for quite some time. As we see some of our favorite stores locally and across the nation close, even now, it makes hope a little more difficult.

As we all know Circut City has fallen victem. Starbucks, Food World, Taco Bell and many others are closing stores. Puma just reported that they are 79 percent down on sales. The spa industry is having problems. Is there anyone this does not effect. Steven Speilburg also is having problems funding his new movie!

More and more jobs are being cut. Including Boarders, Best Buy,  Even Avon is forced to start  laying off people.

I have been waiting and expecting for video rental stores like blockbuster and hollywood video to fail as well. With places like netflix and now redbox for easy and much cheaper dvd rentals.

On the other hand some stores have seen some improvement. Advance Auto Parts is up 3 percent! Which I do not not if that is truly a good thing, since it means the people, who are already having problems with money, are having to spend their money on fixing their cars and trucks.


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