How to Make Money in Low-Limit NL Hold’em Poker

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How to Make Money in Low-Limit NL Hold’em Poker

LOW-LIMIT NL HOLD’EM POKER!  The most popular type of poker played in Casino’s and Card rooms all over the world.  With help from this article you will be way ahead of most players at the tables.

Your Opponents

In these low-limit type games your limits average from $1/$2 – $2/$4 games.  When blinds are this price the tables are sure to attract a whole variety of players from your old-school grampa type poker player to your young wannabe pro type player. Some players here are sharks BUT most players are beginner level type players so we’ll worry about the sharks another time. (cause this article will keep you from becoming a FISH anyway).

These beginner type players only think about what they hold in THEIR hand and don’t think about anything else.  They will be wondering why your so tight and folded 20 plus hands before doing anything, But when you start bombing the table with bets they’ll just be thinking i have a pair of 10’s la-de-da!  These are the types of players you’ll be making the most of your money from.

LAG players or Loose-AGressive players are the ones who Call everything(otherwise known as FISH).  People hate these types of players cause they say you can’t beat them cause they KEEP calling.  That is totally wrong because these guys are like walking talking ATM’s for you to withdraw money from.

Your Strategy

Tight ABC poker, when your cards hit(top pair or better) you bet them. its nothing new.  Calling stations (loose players) will do what they do best, call.  Which is GREAT! Let them call your bets, don’t bluff them, always value bet your good hand.  When you play tight pre-flop it saves you a lot of thinking. When you play solid hands pre-flop, you usually have a solid hand post-flop. Your goal is to get top pair with a high kicker or better.  Just because you see people playing marginal hands like Q6 off-suit, doesn’t mean that you have to.  Stick to tight play and focus on the Big Hands.

Starting Cards


You Always and i mean ALWAYS either raise or RE-RAISE these cards.  it doesn’t matter what your opponents are holding.  Unless they are holding higher pockets (which is very rare about a 5-10% chance) you are ahead of your opponent.

Good Top pair with good kicker Hands AK, AQ, KQ, AJ

You should always raise these hands when there has been no Raise before you. If you Hit then Bet if you miss, Then Fold.  You May choose to continuation bet on the flop, but its better to do this in a later position when you see all your opponents actions first.

Speculative Hands

These are hands that have a lower chance of winning at showdown, but when they do hit they will win you HUGE POTS!! The strategy with these following hands are to get them as cheap as you can (calling the blinds or sometimes call a raise that’s 2xBB, etc.).

Mid – Low Pockets 99-22

These are like the The most Blindsiding Type of hand in hold’em you can get.  The Strategy is when you hit you bet, and if you don’t hit but your and over pair you bet, simple right?  the beauty of the pockets hitting the set is that its near IMPOSSIBLE for a beginner level player to read that you’ve hit the set. And if they hit their top pair and you’ve hit the set, its MAKING MONEY TIME.

Suited Connectors, Suited One Gappers (JT, J9, QT, 98, etc.)

These are amazing cards to play…IN POSITION (read about position near the end of the page).  If you can get into the pots with these cards cheap and in later positions then do it.   THe trouble with these cards is that if you miss you straight or your flush and you hit top pair,  then you don’t have that great of a kicker and can be completely dominated.  Being in position can help you get a better read on your opponents.  BUT if you do hit your straight then you usually rake in a BIG pot.  its usually may strategy to invest little in these cards until they hit then pump the pot.

Suited Aces (Ah9h, Ad6d,etc) (suited)

These cards are great to play and DANGEROUS to play.  If you hit the flush your the nuts and no other flush can beat you, if you hit your lower card you have the highest kicker, sounds good right?   BUT if you hit your ace (which will make you excited promise), you’ll have a KICKER problem. You may end up being pulled into a pot with an opponent who has an ace higher kicker.  What you wanna do with this had is get it in cheap in lower position. Bet if you hit your flush, and bet if your lower card hits and its top pair, and personally i usually call raises from opponents when the ace hits.

Weak Top Pair hands (A10, K10, Q10)

I would steer clear of these hands altogether.  If you do wanna play them or they’re your favorite hands then you should try to get them into the pot cheap and in position.  Usually when you do hit the top pair with these hands your in a KICKER battle. if you hit your straight to ace sometimes it will just end up split pot.  Personally i play these hands only on the button or free check from the big blind.


FOLD FOLD FOLD . Even if its suited it will usually get you into more trouble, cause if you hit your flush you’ll only have a baby flush, or if you hit your pair you’ll have a weak kicker.  SURE you’ll probably see players at the table playing 10-2 off-suit and hitting a two pair or trips and raking in lots of chips. But patience…. their time is coming.  Until then..FOLD FOLD FOLD.


The concept of position is simple, do you wanna cross a four lane hi-way blindfolded?  The importance of position is the information you are receiving.  You can play a marginal hand for cheap and out of position, but when you get to the flop you hit something but there are raises and re-raises on both sides of you.  Being out of position KEEPS YOU GUESSING.  Being in position you can easily see what your opponent is trying to do and who has what kind of hand because your LAST TO ACT.  Position puts you in control of the round, your the one who has last say in everything.


HOPEFULLY these tips will help you future career low limit player build a positive bank roll maybe help you move up a limit.  For some these tips may be hard to follow or seem stupid.  These are just based on my own experience in Low Limit live games.   Anyways Good luck players and start bring home the cash!!


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