Time Bomb ticking

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The argument it is an unavoidable thing in a relation ship between two people who love each other yet have been couped up to long with nothing to do.

Trapped we all feel as the winter days drag slowly on . What makes it worse is the fact that now a days there is never enough money to go around so families end up spending more time in their homes watching TV or renting movies . Its funny how everything that a family dose now a days no matter how cool it once seamed has gotten old Stael. So you start to find fault with those around you . it used to be called cabin fever .

Or some name like spats or shouting matches a family that loves each other turn rabid ready to bit of any ones head who dare snap their fingers wrong . Its worse if you have a house full of hot heads . Trapped by job firings and worries as what tomorrow will bring. then the food Issue comes up every one home wants to eat what they want rather its good for them or not we are guided by the TV  at every turn told we are not good enough a fat nation all of us are greasy bonkers. With no motivation. Chip eating couch potato’s because our world has failed us . however we are told there is hope we can get thiner live the life of the perfect man or women the idea as to what society See’s as the right way to live . yet they send mixed signals as to just what we lazy unemployed poor should do because out of every hour TV show we watch there are ten to twelve commentary commercials about everything from food consumption to being popular as the society is dumbed down by crap. its no wounder we all are going crazy insane if we are not loosing sleep we are sleeping way to much.

Our faith is that we are in the end times yet we are afraid to face our maker we hear all that the world is doing we see the hate the death in peoples eyes as if at any moment any one may just snap like a twig each of us have are braking points we walk among every one with smiles and saying when asked hows it going just  fine and your self. When in all likely hood we want to grab the person by the shirt collar and say My life sucks and i feel like just beating the stuffing out of every one we are mad as hell and we don’t want to take it any more . I really do not know why I’m writing this i guess i am so tired of it all watching the rich get richer  or bailed out well we just bit it. I’m angry! I’m taking it out all the time now on the wrong people yet who are the right people/ I’m confused and feel lost .


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