Make Jewelry Pieces and Own Sets without Paying a Lot of Money

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You can buy all different types of material for this type of jewelry at any fabric store, or use fabric from some clothing that you don’t wear anymore.

However. don’t choose to thin or of a material so the glue won’t seep through or see where you can see that there is glue through the material.

Gather all the materials and keep them separate and organized. Choose a material that you would like to use for earrings and/or charm for your necklace.

Take the cardboard and cut a design shape that you would like for your jewelry. You can draw the designs free style or use cut outs.

Then take the cut out design an place it on the inside of the fabric and follow the design out line with a pencil lightly.

Remove the design piece to the side and cut the fabric along the lines you just drew include any holes for the earring hooks or charm hook.

You may use a post earring and back then you wouldn’t need the hole. Just take the hot glue gun and glue the backs to the earrings.

Take the cardboard and mini wax polycrylic (water sealer) and brush a thin layer on the top and sides, let dry according to the directions on the bottle.

Repeat when it’s dry to the other side.

When it’s dry take your glue gun and put a thin layer all over the top of the design quickly and then place your material on top pressing lightly. Do the same on the other side, do not have any material hanging off. Make sure the fabric is smooth.  You shouldn’t be able to see any cardboard because it should be thin enough, but if it does you can just put a thin layer of acrylic to the sides matching the color of the earrings or charm to blend.

You can add gems for design or use fabric paint with a free hand design or by small stencils to fill in.

Add your hook earring to the small opening and you have a pair of earrings. Do the same for charms using a jump ring.

To make the necklaces and/or bracelets- using leather or velvet strips you take the strips and cut to the size you want. Then use either a tube crimp, bead crimp, or a choice of several other kinds and add the clef(clasp) and jump ring hook/circle hook and it’s ready for charms.

  • If adding more than one charm to the leather strip, to keep it separate, you make knots.
  • Be careful of the hot glue guns glue it really hurts if you get it on your skin.

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