The Legend of Queen Raldj. Someone Believe She Will be a Queen-page 2

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Who would have thought that words can make dreams come true? It is hard to believe that someone’s destiny will be written by pen nor by someone’s imagination. The Prophecy said “A castle will be built by a story”. It is all unbelievable but it is going to happen. Someone’s faith will create a Queen from an ordinarily girl. A kingdom will evolve and that legend will begin by you reading this story.

Queen Raldjq was an ordinary girl who has a vision when she was a young girl that she will someday rule a castle and lead the people into creating a better world. Of course even she herself was in disbelief. It was just an imagination. It’s never going to happen. Who on earth will believe her? Not me. I doubt you will.

She went on her life living an ordinary life just like the rest of her friends and siblings. She went to school, choose a degree and work to make a living. She didn’t forget the vision. She‘s still having a glimpse of what will happen in the future. There is a castle, a tiara, a throne, lots of people who depend on her. There are prince and princess around her too. Everybody was beautiful with their gowns and Tiara and she even saw a king next to her throne. It’s all perfect.  

She is well aware that this is just a dream, a product of her imagination. She never takes it seriously. She sometimes will tell her friends about this dream. To her surprise no one really said anything against about it or mock her about this insane idea. Some of her friends actually believe it is going to happen. They even support the dream and dream with her. Someone even wrote cards about her dream. What a supportive friends she have.

What is wrong with this people? She said. Am I really that trustworthy that no one said that it’s impossible? They have too much faith on me or are they just being nice. It doesn’t matter; it’s just one crazy thought.

She sometimes thinks what if it is true. What if there will be a kingdom someday. What if her destiny is to be a queen? Is it possible? Do they even exist?

Will you believe me if I say it is going to happen? Because it will.


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