How to Hunt/trap Feral Hogs

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Step 1

First try to locate where the hogs are rooting and wallowing, then you can either try to trap or harvest depending on your primary objective.

Step 2

Then, you should go to the feed store and buy a fifty pound bag of corn and mix it with something sweet; such as powdered Kool-Aid mix with water, or molasses and brown sugar with water. The reason for the added sweetness is because feral hogs love the smell and taste of sweet objects. They are cheap to buy and are essential to your quest to eliminate this specie. You want to mix this in a five gallon bucket so you can easily stir and seal it for a couple of days to let your corn ferment and get a stronger odor. You want this strong odor because it makes it easier for the feral hogs to find this sweet coated corn.

Step 3

Then you can set your trap on the ground and dig a small trench going into the trap so the hogs can root up the corn after you cover it back up with the dirt that was dug up prior to your hole. The reason for digging the trench is because you want to try to make it as realistic and as natural as you can. Hogs are nomadic creatures so they forage mainly for all of their food. You want to try to keep them in their same environment so they can be comfortable going into the trap. After you cover your trench with the hog bait, try to leave immediately to get your scent out of the surrounding area. If at all possible rub whatever type of wood bark, leaves, or any other type of naturalistic objects that is available so that whatever you have touched for any reason, will be eliminated by a natural cover scent.

Step 4

Let this sit for no later than twenty four hours, you do not want to leave the hogs in the trap for too long because you do not want the feral hogs to become dehydrated. When you approach the traps and there are feral hogs in them, be very careful on how you approach them. These are dangerous creatures and will do whatever they need to do to escape this sticky situation they have been tricked into. Sows, (female feral hogs) are usually more dangerous than males especially if they have their babies with them. They are trying to protect their babies and will bite, charge, and try to fend you off because they see you as a potential threat to hurting their babies. This is somewhat difficult if you do not know what you are doing. Always use precautions when doing a task such as this.

If you follow these steps, you can be successful in trapping the feral hogs that free range on your personal property.


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