How to Choose a Dog That Is Right for You

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  • What you need to consider before buying a dog is, can you provide ample amount of exercise for your dog? Do you have the proper living quarters for your puppy? Questions like these are something you need to think about before purchasing your dog.
  • I personally believe that big dogs are not made for small apartments. One if you are a person who is constantly busy, you do not want to leave a big dog penned up all day long. It is just cruel. Big dogs need to run and get lots of exercise. You see so many people by big dogs that live in small apartments and do not know why their dog is always running around their apartmentand do not listen to them. Well it is because he needs his exercise. He needs to release energy by running, playing, doing anything active. Regardless of what type of breed you have, ALL dogs need to exercise.
  • Another important thing to know is that you need to know the power of a breed. For example, a small framed woman who has never owned a dog before considers buying a great dane. That is ridiculous. Before buying a dog, you should have proper knowledge on how to control such a huge dog.
  • A good tip that you should always be aware of is buying dogs off the side of the street or picking up a stray. People who sale dogs off the side of the street are considered, “back yard breeders.” People like this should not be breeding dogs. I say this because all these people are trying to do is make a profit off these puppies. That is wrong. You should never breed any animals just because you are trying to make a profit. Backyard breeders causes major problems because their intentions are what they should not be. Registered breeders are people who actually care about bettering a breed. Which is the primary goal for any breed of a dog. A bad thing about picking up dogs on the side of the street is they could contain internal parasites or some sort of diseases. A lot of people dump dogs on the side of the street because they cannot afford the pet bills so the easiest way is to dump them on the side of the streets. Take deep considerations before buying a dog, it could be the best or worst mistake you can come across.

  • Dogs ancestors were in packs. When dogs are domesticated, us humans become the dogs new pack and pack leader. Remember dogs do not like solitary confinement.


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