How to Walk your dog

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  • Introduce the leash.

    When you first introduce the leash, take a calm and gentle approach. Let the puppy smell the leash and get used to it and relate the leash with a treat. Every time he smells it, give him a treat and praise him so he can associate this foreign object as a positive interaction.

  • Help your dog get used to the tension of the leash.

    When the leash is put on him, he will typically not like the fact he is getting pulled. Puppies usually do not like tension around their necks, but they will become immune to it overtime. A good way to help him get used to the tension is to tie the leash around his neck and then tie the other end onto something sturdy so he cannot pull it off. Make sure you keep praising him and showing him that this is okay.

  • Repeat these actions frequently.

    You should do this everyday for about 15 to 20 minutes until you think he is ready to actually be walked.

  • Use a short leash.

    I say this because you do not want your dog to get used to leading. You are the human and he is the dog. He follows you and you do not follow him. One of the worst types of leashes to use is a retractable leash. These types of leashes teach your dog to lead and pull you. A walk with your dog should be a good, steady non-fighting pace. You want to be able to relax when walking, not worrying about your puppy chasing other dogs or wanting to lick little kids. You are in command, show it. If you use a short leash, it will teach your dog to stay beside you and follow you wherever you go, not the opposite. What is also good about using a short leash is that since your dog is so used to walking right beside you every time you walk, when he gets older, you can start to walk him without the leash (which is the ultimate goal) without worrying about him running away fromBe persistent during your walks.

  • Be persistent during your walks.

    Remember if he tries to get in front of you, make sure you give a sharp pull back and a command to let him know that you’re going to lead and not him. A common command for something like this is, “Heel!” But you can use whatever command you want, just make sure you’re very persistent with the same command.

  • Teaching your puppy to walk on a leash is very important and so easy to do. All dogs are different and have different maturity levels. The process does not take very long, just be patient. You are the pack leader of your dog, make sure you show it, and a good way to show your dominance starts with the walk.

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