Tips For Decorate Home According to Feng Shui

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  1. The front door and the land at the front of your house should ideally be a little lower to usher energy into your house. This is to get some positive energy into your house.

  2. In exactly the same way as feng shui, you should have the back of the house make higher to collect energy in the home. If your back garden doesn’t naturally have height, a fence or planting tall trees will help. This stops energy coming into your home and going straight back out again.

  3. If you have a very large bedroom, consider investing in a four poster bed and canopy, as this mimics the smaller, comfy space most of us desire, when we want to sleep.

  4. Antique doors can be placed as ornamental objects within the house, but should not be used as the entrance door. The energy patterns of the old door would disturb the psyche of the occupants of a difference time and context.

  5. Having a garden is important as an energy source for the house, as it is the building’s connection with nature. For the modern apartments, you can have a terrace with potted plants or a window box.

  6. Money, valuables, or safe should be stored in a room on the north side of the house. This is the side of Keera, the god of wealth. The walls should be painted yellow, because yellow leads to an increase of wealth.

  7. Certain picture should not be hung in a house such as nudes, animals fighting, captured elephants, hunting scene, trees without fruit or flowers, snake, owls, bats, vultures and pigeons.

The best location for a study room is the north, west, northwest, east, and northeast. This direction attract the positive effects of Mercury for increasing brain power, Jupiter for increasing wisdom, sun for increasing ambition and Venus helps in bringing creativity in new thoughts and ideas.


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