Diaper Supplies – The things You Cannot Live Without

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Looking after baby’s bottom often involves a raft of different products. Here are some of the main things you will need for your newborn and tips to keep in mind when shopping.

Baby Rashes

It is easy for the panic bells to ring every time you see a rash on our baby but with diaper rash, no matter how severe, there is usually little reason to worry.

Symptoms: The rash will be in the diaper area and the affected areas will be red, inflamed and sometimes pimply. As long as you treat and clean it as soon as you notice it and until it goes there is usually litle chance of infection. The main cause is wetness.

Treatment: Keep baby clean and dry with regular changes leaving them without a diaper for a while when possible. If using reusable diapers check your detergent isn’t the problem. If the rash seems to itch or hurt see your chemist about getting a cream and/ or paracetamol based medicine. If the rash does not seem to be diaper rash it may just be a heat rash but see your doctor just in case.

Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers are one of the best conveniences for busy mums. They also mean less washing than if reuseable diapers are used and when you are busy and sleep deprived every minute saved is heaven! Disposable diapers keep wetness away from both your baby’s skin and their clothes and so need changing less often than reusable diapers without any discomfort to your baby. They come in a range of sizes and styles to see your chld throuh their baby and toddler years with consideration for their changing needs as they go from a liquid diet to solids, crawling, walking and potty training. You can even now buy biodegradable diapers.

Cloth Diapers

For the traditional or eco mummy then cloth Diapers are the way to go. As long as you are organised about washing them then there need be little stress. There is even evidence that feeling wet pants encourages children to want to use the potty and toilet at a younger age. You can go for the traditional terry towel diaper with safety pins or new pinless plastic fasteners or you can go for the new breed of cloth diapers. They have several layers of material so as to be comfortable and keep outer clothes dry and look and fasten much like disposable diapers so no tricky origami skills are needed. Another feature is that you can also buy liners so poo can come out with he liner and not touch he actual diaper.

Diaper Backpacks

You will need something to transport those diapers around in and the wipes and bottles and pacifiers and many bibs and changes of clothes. When looking for a diaper bag you need to consider a few things.

1. Are you using it for just one child or do you need room for two kid’s worth of stuff?

2. Can you go floral and pretty or will your partner be using the bag aswell and prefer something a little more butch?

3. Will you also be using this in place of a handbag or do you plan to keep your own things seperate?

4. Does it come with a free changing matt?

5. Is it washable or wipe clean?

6. Will it fit enough in for a full day out? You will need to carry more around than you think.


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