The Legend of Queen Raldjq-The Prophecy Page 1

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A castle will be build that will revolutionize the lives of millions of people. A kingdom will be created by a self made queen. The upcoming sovereign was born 32 years ago, she has a gift of seeing what life’s ahead of us. She has an amazing gift of making things happen. She will have an effect to everyone’s lives. She will form a new history.

 The Queen grew up just like any typical young girl in town. She went to school, play with other kids, learn about life and dream to have a family. She does wonder sometimes how she never asks but she receives what she needed, like her trail is primed for her. As if someone is creating a pathway leading her towards something unknown. She sometimes has a glimpse of what the future is but excessively cynical to believe that it is her destiny to see.

Some people have witnessed the light coming out of her. They know something is different, something not ordinary but was uncertain if it’s true. There is a bright light coming out of her, like an aura that separates her from the rest of other people. Some said its a white, other said its yellow or pink. She appears to be a normal young girl. Not pretty or super bright, nothing stupendous compare to other children. But a handful of people have perceived that she seems to be special. What they didn’t discern is that this person is going to play a momentous amend in the history.

She glimpses the insight at a very young age. She knew her life will not be hers by the age of 35. It troubles her to be aware about this but she knows she cannot do anything but fulfill the prophecy. She desire not to accept this as true but what she is unaware of is the time is about to come, the legend is about to be written. It is about to begin.

 It will all start here. The prophecy will be revealed to everyone. Someone will write the legend and you and I will be part of the greatest mystery.


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