Runescape Pottery Crafting Guide The Begiiner’s Primer on How to Make RS Items from Clay

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Runescape players can enjoy a number of trade skills, but the trade skill called crafting would make up a number of other trade skills in other mmorpgs. The word count limitations on Suite 101 articles make it necessary to cover each aspect of Runescape crafting individually.

Pots, bowels, and other miscellaneous items are needed in other Runescape trade skills, such as cooking and construction. A character can use the crafting skill to make pieces of pottery out of clay.

Complementary Skills to Use Crafting to Make Pottery in Runescape

Pieces of pottery are often needed in cooking recipes. Learning how to make pieces of pottery can reduce the costs associated with preparing a good meal for his character or other players. A player’s crafting costs costs can be further cut if he uses the mining skill

to find clay.

Using the Crafting Skill to Make Pottery

Characters using the crafting skill to make clay do so using a process that is a considerably scaled down version of what potters use in real life to make their wears. Once a Runescape character softens the clay he wants to make into a pot, bowl, or pie dish he must then travel to a pottery wheel.

After the character shapes the piece of pottery on the wheel, his creation should be placed in the oven to be fied. If the firing process for a pottery item made using the crafting skill is successful, the character earns a small amount of crafting experience and a can use the piece of pottery he created via the crafting skill.

Pottery Items that Can be Made in Runescape

What follows this paragraph is a complete list of pottery items that can be made in Jagex’s popular free mmorpg and the amount of experience each item gives. Pottery will not be the quickest way to raise the crafting skill, but it complements the cooking trade skill.

  • Pot – 1, 12.6 experience
  • Pie Dish – 7, 25 experience
  • Bowl – 8, 33 experience
  • Plant Pot 19, 37.5 experience
  • Pot Lid – 25, 40 experience

Profitability of Using Crafting to Make Pottery

The pottery items in Runescape are mostly used in another trade skill and can only be sold to other players who also possess the skill. Items that other players value can be made with the crafting skill in Runescape, such as jewels, capes, or helms, but these will be covered in separate articles.


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