How to Not Need a Micro SD Card and Use a Bluetooth toTransfer Data From One Cell Phone to another Cell Phone.

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FIRST-FYI, Blue tooth is a wireless protocol and used to exchange data over short distances. Devices used are mobile such as phones and fixed devices. Information is exchanged between computers, cell phones, printer, telephones, digital cameras, video consoles, and GPS.
SECOND-I found out this about one of the features of what the Bluetooth can do and not many know about it. You can copy a lot of data from one cell phone to another cell phone such as; pictures, contacts, and music (as long as the music is allowable for copying, you can set the music to a ring tone as well). This is great when your friend has the internet and you don’t plus you don’t need an Micro Sd Card is that awesome or what!
THIRD-How to do it: take your Verizon cell phone and get another Verizon cell phone next to each other then go to the menu program and go to settings and tools, then to Blue tooth and click there once on it click add device, then put in a code then add the same code to the other phone and then you will get the shared information. You can also block data that you don’t want the other cell phone to have.

BENEFITS: If someone you know has the internet and you don’t they can give you what you want on your phone, pretty cool.
CRITERIA; You would need to be in approximately 20 feet of the cell phone in order to receive any new information to your cell phone. Make sure the music is legal.


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