How to Conceal under eye circles better with a couple of quick fixes with this product light application of makeup and not spend big bucks to do it

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Things You’ll Need:

* Peroxide(the regular type you by from a drug store ect…)  Moisturizing, Firming lotions,  cleaners and facial cream, under eye cream. Minerals the bare type of makeup  under eye powder (this should be a little lighter then your face complexion.

This suggestion is not for people of color (sorry, I don’t have any idea’s yet.) I suggest for you to wash your face first with your normal product hopefully there is a moisturize ingredient in it. Dry off your face.
Take peroxide that you would normally use on cut’s and scrapes ect… and put some on a cotton ball. Slowly apply some of it under your eye’s go back and forth on either eye in the same area, so, it lightly bleaches the surface evenly. Let it sit there, make sure it doesn’t run! Keep checking to see if it has lightened enough, it shouldn’t be on too long.
If you get it lightened enough, (this will not be dramatic, it should help lighten, however.) quickly rinse it off, close your eyes when doing so. Dry off your face and apply a good moisturize especially for under your eyes. Then, this works, just awesome,  minerals powder the bare type under eye lightening powder I use  the minerals summer bisque, for this, don’t put on a lot. If it seems dry looking, you can dab some under eye cream top of this to make it creamier-just apply a little at a time to achieve what you want.


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