Robb’s Celebrity Page

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Robb’s Celebrity Page was a website with a huge amount of celebrity information for all of the world to see. Robb died of an allergic reaction to antibiotics in April of 2008 at 58 years of age. His site, while controversial, was a haven for information on celebrities, and was often frequented by fans who were seeking the latest information on them.

Robb’s Celebrity Page will be missed by many on the internet, and though several people have published pages that try to replace it, the pages are more crass than Robb’s page ever was. Perhaps this is one of those instances where it’s best to just let the memory of Robb’s Celebrity Page go and move on to other things, resolved to accept the reality that People Magazine may be as good as it gets for celeb fans these days.

If you would like to remember Robb’s Celebrity Page, you could create a “Robb Douglass Memorial,” or “Remembering Robb’s Celebrity Page,” blog where people could leave comments and reminisce over the good old days without anyone trying to be an imposter or pretending to be someone they are not. Robb’s Celebrity Page is one of those instances where what was lost can not be replaced. Try going to Blogger and registering a new blog name dedicated solely to the remembrance of Robb’s Celebrity Page. I am betting that fans of Robb’s Celebrity Page who are fed up with all the trash on the net will thank you.


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