How to Boost your confidence men and get women to Like You and Find You Attractive.

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You could start by checking out the popular guy, not the jerk, see what he is doing and how he is groomed and dressed and why and how he is getting so much attention. However, you don’t want to be a clone just borrow some ideas. If you don’t have any of the qualities do something to get noticed, work on your confidence, build up on your good and out standing qualities. Even if you don’t think you have any confidence.  You with an open mind. A few dollars for a bit of a make over. A real desire to persist in trying.  If you lack connfidence act like you do! If you do this everyday, soon it will actually come to be and please don’t get macho or overly aggressive a huge turn off.

Don’t blend in to your surroundings, be a little extraverted, force it, women love it when men don’t hide and are open mostly with a touch of mystery. Being and/or acting desperate and clingy we hate that. Show you care but don’t be a door mat. Giving compliments to women and turning on some charm could only be good for you and her. Go for what you want being shy isn’t cute. Women want a stand up guy who has a heart, a gentleman, and a little chivalrous.

So, now that you changed some things, this shouldn’t take more than a couple of days, find your woman or if you have one in mind, talk to her and ask her out, have plans and do this a few day’s ahead, not the last minute like you just thought of it. Make her feel special. When you take her out, absolutely DO NOT check out other women or flirt with them in fact don’t ever do that, period, that’s a quick way to have fights and eventually you will lose her. Take her out do special things, be a little romantic, don’t be cheap with your money or time, however, stay away from the gold diggers and lose women, please, no good can come out of that type of woman.


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