Frizzy After Your Hair is Dry, Help Tame It.

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Purchase or use your favorite hair spray, spritz or whatever you normally use or if not purchase some, get a good hold one or extreme what you think you need to manage your hair. You should also have a good leave in conditioner as well.

Wash, condition, then apply a good leave in conditioner to your hair for your hair to help keep it from drying out your hair. Add a teaspoon of olive oil spreading in too both hands using your finger tips in a downward motion, apply it a few inches below your scalp.

Then dry your hair, use whatever, method you like to use daily. When dry take your hair spray, spritz, or whatever, you have and spray some on your fingers, immediately, put your fingers against your hair and squeeze the hair running your fingers downward against your hair, repeat if necessary to help smooth the frizz and help keep the hair tamer.

Your hands will get sticky because it drys quick so just rinse off the extra left behind each time, so, have water available to you.

My hair is considered to be dry because of lightening, and coloring so I use a leave in  biolage conditioner that I purchase from a salon, still I have some frizz so I do this everyday.

Keep the hair spray, spritz or whatever you like to use for hold, in your purse, or office desk ect…so you can repeat this later if your hair product wears off.

* Use only if your doctor has no objections or you use hair spray, spritz, or whatever, you like on a daily


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