How to Clean Clothing, Remove spots, Loosen up Locks, door and windows using products that were made for other things and It Works Plus Saves Money

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Step1 – HAND WIPES/TOILETTES-We know that these are for wiping hands and face, however, I have dropped food, liquids, make-up and ink on my CLOTHES and was at work and not near immediate water. I take one of the wipes and quickly wipe the object off the clothing then turn over the wipe or get another one and rub the stain in a circular motion until it is gone or, just good enough until I can get to water. Most times the stain comes out quickly, however, you may want to dab the wipe with water and make it wetter and continue the rubbing, the pressure depends on the delicacy of the material. COMPUTER KEYBOARDS, COMPUTERS, STEREO’S, DUSTY TELEVISIONS, CAR CONSOLES, SEATS AND DASHBOARD. Do not use soaked and dripping wipes on these items, the water may go into the electronic’s.

Keep them closed up in the container if they dry out a bit add a little water to them. I have taken part of the box and put it in a zip lock bag for my car for dropped items and quick wipes of dust and dirt. This is cheaper then a detergent stick.

Step2 – UPHOLSTRY CLEANER and/or CARPET CLEANER (the spray foam type kind)-Now this is so cool! I use this on slippers and cloth type purses and belts, baseball caps, hats and pretty much anything like this. It removes the stains really well, just don’t leave it on longer than what the can reads. Spray the cleaner on the spot or do this in section on the article lightly or on your finger (wear gloves) or small sponge, and apply to the slippers ect…(ect is referred to as other items in this article) apply pressure enough to attach to the material, do not soak the slippers ect…, the point is to clean them inside and out without destroying them (I’m sure you noticed that water ruins slippers) Now let it sit check the stain and take the damp towel and wipe the cleaner off, this can be repeated but watch out on the material type, ok, you don’t want to ruin the article. They are clean and smell good and should dry quickly, without ruining the slipper ect…

Step3 – AMMONIA-This is surprisingly good in the washing of clothes, just add a half of a cup or a full cup depending on the dirtiness of the clothing. The ammonia brightens and cleans, better then bleach and won’t hurt the clothes like bleach does and if you splatter a little it won’t bleach out and ruin everything it touches.

Step4 – BOUNCE DRYER SHEETS-Static clean on them deadly pantyhose, yes, their annoying to wear but unavoidable in the winter time. Just rub one of these sheets up and down the hose and it works, crazy isn’t it.

Step5 – LEMON OIL-If you have shower doors this is great in preventing hard water stains, on glass, just wipe some on the door, it beads up the water and it smells good too!

Step6 – HAIR CUTTERS OIL/SEWING MACHINE OIL-What! No WD40? My door key won’t turn, my sliding glass door is sticking and my window. It is awesome to be able to have these items around for an emergency. I know you don’t have the spray, but you can just squirt it on the window and sliding door tracks and it works, no kidding. How about that key? Just rub it on the key teeth and tip put the key in and it works too! You may need to apply it a couple of times to achieve what you want. If you don’t have this and are desperate, there is always vaseline and cooking oil for a very short fix but they’re better than nothing.


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