How to build a cheap screen printer

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Using for piece of wood about 1” thick and 2” wide, you are going to build a base for the screen printer. Decided what dimensions that you want it to be (I built mine 16” X 16”).

Cut the four pieces of wood to the dimensions that you choose. Next you are going to want to cut each end at a 45-degree angle. If you do not have a miter saw that part is not really needed, but it helps. Then add a little wood glue to each angle and nail together. Allow time to dry before you continue.

Step 2

Using the planed lumber, cut out what you need to make a surface area on top of the frame that you just built. I ended up having to use two separate pieces to make the surface. After you have that done cut out eight small squares of wood roughly the same size. You will use 2 on each corner to make legs for it to stand on.

Step 3

Place a small line of wood glue on the top of the frame you built. Place the frame on top of the legs that you cut out. Then place the surface boards on top of the frame. Use nails that are big enough to go through the every thing but the bottom leg. Place to two in each corner to hold everything together. Then use smaller nails to secure the surface to the frame.

Step 4

There is two ways to do the last part. You can cut a piece of wood the same thickness as the screens and attach it to the top. Then you can place two hinges on it that you will have to screw into the screen each time. What I did was just use two C-clamp to secure the screen to the surface. It works out great.


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