Hide Your Hair Roots of Gray or Colored Hair And Save Money.

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First you take your favorite hair dye/color that you want or matches your color or too cover the gray, take the product out of the box and take off the caps from the bottles, cream or gel, DO NOT CUT any of the tops off. Keep them intact. Some hair coloring boxes have a tube of color in it, go ahead and pierce it but put the cap back on.
This is easy take 1/3 of the liquid bleach and put some in a cup or medium size lid, then add 3/3 color to the 1/3 of bleach. So, you would have 1 whole of a third for color and only 1/3 of bleach if not enough double the liquid bleach and double the color whether it’s a gel, liquid, or cream. Stir them, mix together. You can use a ice cream pop stick or put the gloves on and use your finger. Do this slow so as to prevent spillage.
Now just take the amount you just mixed an apply it only to your hair roots where there is gray, don’t forget to separate the hair to get all of it. Go by the instructions you have in your purchased hair color package for dying your hair. Use a hand mirror to do behind your head or have a friend do this.
Keep it in as long as you would if you dyed your hair normally. You are getting new hair dyed not already processed hair so it will be ok. Then follow the rest of the directions the hair color box gives you to time the color, wash it out, and condition your hair.

*Here`s another great hint, the hair color product that is suppose to last 28 days, last longer then the permanent hair color but what I do to lock it in is take some bleach from a previous permanent hair color kit (I used the ten minute kind) and mix some in with your temporary color kit.  

Use the product safely, protect your clothes, eyes, flooring and furnishings.


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