Spelt Flour? Are You Sure That’s Not Mispelt?

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SpeltFlour.gifOne of my friends uses a lot of spelt flour instead of regular flour since she cooks for her diabetic husband. As I understand, Spelt contains 15 – 21% protein which is much higher than wheat. It’s also higher than wheat in complex carbohydrates, iron, potassium and the B Vitamins.

Spelt is easier to digest than wheat products because of it’s higher solubility in water. Spelt also contains nutrients that aid in blood clotting and also stimulate the immune system.

Due to Spelt’s high water solubility and lower gluten, [if you have a family member who is autistic, this is important!]the grain’s vital substances can be absorbed quickly by the body with a minimum of digestive work.

Spelt contains special carbohydrates which play a decisive role in blood clotting and stimulate the body’s immune system. Its high fiber content aids in reducing cholesterol and heart disease. It’s also nice to know that something as healthy as Spelt also has a great flavor. Spelt is just another example of what great nutrition should taste like – nutty and earthy!

Cooking with Spelt flour is similar to cooking with wheat flour. You can make all the same dishes such as pancakes and waffles, muffins, cakes, crackers and cookies, pastas and breads. Because of it’s lower gluten content, however, you will probably not wish to let it rise as high as regular wheat flour bread. When baking, Spelt flour doesn’t require as much water – if substituting spelt flour for wheat flour in your favorite recipe, start by using only 3/4ths as much water.
Spelt flour used to be available in health food stores; but lately it is not so easy to find there.

So, where can you find this spelt flour if your health food store doesn’t stock it?

http://VitaCost.com (They accept Pay Pal, too!)

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shopping.yahoo.com So, if you’re looking for a flour with more complex carbohydrates and higher protein, this is the flour for you! It will come in handy for those who are cooking for diabetics, those with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, or those with compromised immune systems.

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