Saving money at craft stores such as Michaels and AC Moore using double coupons!

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    Many people enjoy shopping at Michael’s crafts and Ac Moore craft store, but a majority of those people aren’t aware of the coupons that those stores offer in their Sunday paper …. and that you can use two in one trip.   If you clip the coupon that is in the Michael’s crafts ad 98% of the time and keep it in your wallet … and do the same with the Ac Moore coupon you’ll be prepared when you find yourself in the right neighborhood and wanting to shop.  As long as you are using an Ac Moore and a Michael’s crafts coupon ….not two Ac Moore or not two Michael’s crafts … you are able to use them together.  These coupons can be used for any REGULARLY PRICED ITEM.  This means…if an item is on sale….at all…the coupon does not apply to it.

For example…if you purchase 2 huge bottles of Martha Stewart glitter (normally prices 9.99) your full price without coupons would be $20.00. If you buy these same two glitters with 2 different coupons your total will come to somewhere between 11 and 12 dollars based on your state’s tax rate.  These coupons are only applicable on items that are not already on sale. But…if you were to purchase a nice piece of bake wear for a gift (36.99 or more) you are looking at a savings of about 18 dollars IF NOT MORE. So don’t forget to use BOTH coupons in one trip and save the most amount you possibly can in one trip. Happy Shopping!!


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