How to market your Helium article

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Helium, like many of the article diretory services online, shares a portion of the revenue that it gains from advertisements with its writers. Depending on how many people visit your article, and how many of those people click on paying advertisements, you are likely to earn a commission. In this way, your Helium articles have the potential to generate income for you for months or years to come. While this may just be a trickle, those pennies all add up to where, eventually, you could see a steady stream of revenue from your Helium articles.

But, how do you get more visitors to your Helium articles? More accurately, how do you market your Helium article?

Here are several ways you can go about marketing your Helium article or articles:

1. Use social bookmarking sites. Sites like Digg and StumbleUpon are designed so that users can share their favorite web pages with other users who are interested in those same topics. Getting to know how StumbleUpon and Digg work and then using them to promote your articles can be an effective way of marketing your Helium article.

2. Use Search Engine Optimization techniques in your writing. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, refers to the process of making a web page more likely to show up in search engine results at sites like Yahoo and Google. By understanding what keywords web surfers are searching for and by including those keywords in certain ways in your Helium article, you can drive search engine traffic to your article.

3. Link to your article from your own web page or blog. One great way to market your Helium article is to link to it from your web site or blog. While you probably don’t want to put it in your blogroll, there’s nothing wrong with mentioning one of your Helium articles in a blog post on the same topic.

4. Use the “featured article” section of your About Me page. This gives folks who look at your author page the opportunity to view the article, as well.

While there are other ways to market your Helium article, these four techniques are almost guaranteed to get your article at least some exposure.


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