Simple steps to help you make more money on Helium

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Helium has tremendous potential as a source of income for the talented and dedicated writer. However, just writing good articles isn’t enough; you’ve got to be smart about how you write, and about what you choose to write about. Here are several useful steps toward helping you make more money on Helium:

1. Increase your volume. Volume is key on Helium. Many people who join Helium get discouraged after writing a few articles and earning a few cents (or less). My advice? Get a few hundred articles up, and then we can talk about making some money. That’s a start. Get a few thousand up, and we can talk about having a reliable source of residual income that doesn’t require much maintenance.

2. Write in money-making content areas. The fact of the matter is that some topics are more profitable than others. Knowing which ones pay off is key. You can write all day long about needlepoint and make nothing or next to nothing. However, you might write one good article about artificial insemination and suddenly you’ve made $2 in a week on that one article. Write a hundred articles like that and you’re talking about making ten thousand dollars in a year, without ever having to write another article.

3. Participate in contests. The contests and other promotions are big sources of immediate income. These should be distinguished from the residual income that comes with having volume. Contests are areas where, if you can write fifteen or twenty-five good articles in a week, you can increase your per-article earnings by winning or placing in a contest.

4. Write for the Marketplace. The best potential for immediate income is in the Marketplace. Even if your article submission isn’t selected, it will still earn residual income, so it is worth giving the Marketplace a try.

5. Write to increase your ratings. Finally, the fact is that your higher-rated articles are going to be seen by more readers, and therefore make more money. Be meticulous about spelling, grammar, formatting and the like, so that you can consistently hit the higher ratings.

6. Refer other writers. You will make 5% of whatever your referrals make on their writing (not including contest and promotional income). This means that, if you can recruit 20 people who will make the same amount that you make on Helium, you have doubled your Helium income.

There you have it. The steps to making more money on Helium really are simple. They will take some hard work, determination, wit, and a bit of luck, but with persistence you can achieve your money-making goals on Helium.


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