Helium writing contests: How to stay motivated

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Writing contests are one of the most interesting aspects of Helium. They can also be one of the most frustrating aspects of Helium. On top of this, staying motivated during a Helium writing contest can be challenging. Here are a few handy tips and tricks that you can use to stay motivated in Helium writing contests:

* Focus on the big picture. Remember that, whether or not you win a Helium writing contest, there are other reasons you are writing at Helium. Maybe you want to improve your writing skills and believe that the ratings system is one great way for you to do that. Maybe you are trying to earn a residual income on your articles over time. Whatever the reasons that you are writing on Helium, keep those things in mind at contest time so that you don’t become discouraged.

* Realize that you can win. The best writers don’t always win the Helium contests. Sometimes, someone will win a contest who isn’t as good a writer as you. However, if you are a good writer and work hard at writing in the Helium contests, you will eventually win. While the ratings system for contests is far from perfect, the writers who write well tend to do better, on average, than poor writers.

* Spend some time in the Community forums. The other writers at Helium enjoy talking with one another about the contests on a weekly basis. Share your frustrations, whine if you want to, and get advice from those who have been writing in contests for quite a while. Often, folks in the forums will even create friendly competitions between them when it comes to the Helium writing contests.

* Don’t follow the ratings while the contest is open. It takes a couple of days or more after a contest is over for the ratings to stabilize and get where they are going to be in the long run. Following your ratings from day to day can be frustrating and can make it a great deal harder to stay motivated.

Ultimately, remember that the contests at Helium are just another way for you to improve your craft as a writer, and to make a little bit of spare change on the side. Keep it all in perspective, and, when you don’t win, try again next week.


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