Tips for finding online freelance writing jobs

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The online freelance writing job market, like most job markets, requires a combination of expertise, dedication, and ingenuity in order to succeed. To be able to get to the top of the heap, you’ve got to work smarter, work harder, and be more creative than your competition. On top of this, you’ve got to be able to know exactly where to look in order to find those online freelance writing jobs. Here are some excellent resources that you can use to get started:

1. Freelance web sites. These include sites like,,, and a whole host of others. Freelance web sites are great for finding online freelance writing jobs because they connect you directly with clients that want to buy specific sorts of freelance writing. The downside to freelance writing web sites is that the sites often charge a rather hefty fee for each contract you agree to, or even for each bid you make. On a positive note, these web sites will often lead to longer-term relationships with specific clients, thus providing you with a steady stream of freelance writing work.

2. Article submission web sites. You’re reading this article on, which is an article submission web site itself. These are web sites where you deposit your online freelance writing. The site then publishes that writing, and typically pays you a share of the revenue that the writing generates, over time. The advantage to these sorts of web sites is that you can write on any topic you want, as opposed to a topic that is assigned to you. The disadvantage of these web sites is that, depending on how popular your article winds up being, you may never see much revenue.

3. Classified ad web sites. Craigslist and other classified ad or employment web sites can lead to online freelance writing jobs, as well. This approach is somewhat spotty, though, as you’ve really got to be in the right ad at the right time to see and be seen by a potential online freelance writing client.

4. The power of networking. Finally, like traditional freelance writing jobs, success in finding onine freelance writing jobs is greatly increased by networking. Do you think you might like to write about a certain product? Contact that product’s manufacturer, and see if they need any freelance work. Did you have an especially successful online freelance writing job with one client? Ask that client to spread the word. You never know where it will lead.

The most important thing to remember is that you are going to have to work at it if you are going to find online freelance writing jobs. Unless you’ve been doing it for several years and have made a name for yourself, you are going to have to pound some virtual pavement on your road to success.


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