5 Ways To Get Back At Your Ex Or Get Your Ex Back

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Relationships are delicate bonds that need nuturing and maintenance to flourish and remain healthy. If not, break ups are inevitable, and can be stressful and sheer torture. When a relationship breaks up, you may start to think you want to get back at your ex but does this help either of you? One of the most influential ways that you can actually get back at your ex will not only put your ex in a contemplative predicament, it could also repair the relationship by showing your ex how important you are and were to them. So these 5 tips are suggestions are to help you to either; a) get back at your ex or b) get your ex back

1 – Have Strength. No one needs the needy, and this saying applies very well when it comes to broken up relationships. No need to beg, cling or exhibit the behavior of someone who is feeling desperate. Let your ex think that you have moved on just fine without them by acting strong. Once you’ve moved on, your ex will realize that they have not.

2 – Distance Yourself. Shutting down communications may appear an unreasonable course of action especially if your primary focus is to rekindle things,however, it can be quite a powerful way of getting back at your ex or getting your ex back. Taking a break from your ex, severing that communication even for a brief period of time, will allow them to stew. Uncluttering both your minds and stepping back from the situation you will quickly realize how valuable your relationship was…or how little you miss it

3 – Be flexible. Do not be forceful with your ex, demanding that they move out, or pick their things up by a certain date. Be flexible, be a listener and be sympathetic to the fact your ex partner may be hurting. Your ex will be a little softer in turn when they see this side of you. It may inspire them to build any missing lines of communication that may have contributed to the break up in the first place.

4 – Get the heck out! This is no time for you to spend alone. Call your friends and get out of the house. Develop a social network and enjoy some entertainment in your life. This doesn’t you need to date, or pay any attention to the opposite sex, but it is a time to focus on you and spend quality time with your friends. Not only is this therapeutic, but it also sends a loud, clear message to your ex that they lost a gem.

5 – Just be yourself. There were some really great things you and your ex had in your relationship to begin with, so go back to being that fun loving person and let your ex remember why they loved you in the first place. Your renewed self will surely inspire your ex as well.


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