Protecting yourself assets after your wallet or purse is stolen

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If you find yourself in the awful position of having your purse, wallet, or credit cards stolen … then follow these simple steps and you can minimize the damage the thieves do to your credit … and you may even be able to stop it altogether.

First, start off by making copies of the fronts and backs of all of your credit and debit cards. It is important to have both sides clear and easy to read because oftentimes the number on the back of credit cards is required for security purposes for any transaction done over the phone. Once you have these copies made and organized, place them somewhere safe. Definitely do not put them in your wallet.

Next you need to program the bank numbers into your cell phone address book under names such as “cancel visa card” and “cancel master card “… that way if they all begin with the word “Cancel” they will all be next to each other in alphabetical order in your cell phone. Call the moment you realize that your credit cards have been stolen. If you have access to online banking, go online and move all your funds out of the accounts that are accessible by card. If you don’t have the access, or the cards are linked to all account…go into the actual bank and withdraw your bank into a cashiers check. Explain the situation to them and the reason why you don’t have your license with you at the time of withdrawal. If you follow these steps you should be pretty well protected and the thieves will have a very minimal chance to spend all of your money!


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