The Perfect Man – You May Already Know Him

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I wonder how many women already have the perfect man right there with them, they just don’t know it.  He could be hiding under the guise of being a  “friend”? You know, that special guy you confide in  every time  Mr. Wonderful breaks your heart,(again) and reduces you to a bucket of tears.  The one who has always been there when you need them.  Women often delude themselves about what the perfect man should be and we forget the truly important thing: how that perfect man should make us feel. If Mr. Perfect makes you feel bad, is he really “the one”?

Growing up means realizing that what is on the outside should matter far less than what is on the inside. The hard learned lesson here girls; the perfect man could be an illusion. Looking for your perfect man  based on looks looks alone is not going to get you anything more than a good looking creep.

There could be a few out there that are not only handsome, but charming, funny and sweet too. But to find that kind of perfect, you, yourself have to know what it is that you want out of life . You should have clearly defined goals, and  you have to know yourself and love yourself before  you can be the best you can be for the perfect man.  If you know that you are an animal lover, you better not find the perfect man is a hunter or is terrified of your beloved bulldog “Beau”. Either the guy has to change or the dog has to go.   Everyone has one or two must haves and can’t stands, (some of us more) Be very aware of their importance and  decide what you will and will not give in on.. Should you find someone new  who appears like Mr. perfect…be sure to openly communicate the must haves and I wants very clearly….For some, a sense of humor is just as important as having air to breath. A seriously uptight, no nonsense kind of man would not be perfect…no matter how good looking he is.    The  fantasy of a perfect man is a pretty picture but you may miss something even better waiting for him to arrive

Your perfect man could already be right there waiting for you to notice he wants to be far more than just your “friend”.  After all he already knows exactly who you are and loves everything about you.


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