Make your own artwork on canvas regardless of your artistic abilities!

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Purchasing art is great, even affordable pieces like the types they sell at craft stores or Target. But, how great would it be to have art that both reflects your taste…but also matches your decor EXACTLY? If you make your own art you can have the best of both worlds …. classy decor at an affordable price. First begin by checking the Sunday paper for coupons for either Michael’s crafts or AC Moore better yet both. These coupons will give you 40-50 % off of the price of the supplies you are going to need. Then visit your local craft store and purchase the necessary items (canvases, paint brushes, paint).

You may not be able to paint a beautiful seascape a portrait of someone … but you can most certainly paint the canvas a solid color and make accent colored polka dots….or copy a design from online and make it your own. You could even cut out shapes or silhouettes from felt or construction paper.. and glue it to the canvas. There are many ideas that you can do once you get the right colors and just use your imagination. It is all about decorating and saving money.  If you don’t like it…try again. If you purchase these items at the craft store they’ll be so affordable that you won’t mind replacing them whenever you feel like it!
There really isn’t a third step to this article because it is just so simple to do. You’ll feel accomplished when someone says “oh my goodness that is gorgeous! Where did you get it??” and you can say “oh I made it!” The possibilities are endless get started!


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