Blogs: The basics

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Blogs are, in many ways, the most interesting type of web page. Blogs are excellent opportunities for individuals who share a common interest to interact with one another, make friends, and add to the overall conversation about their topic. Unfortunately, the blogosphere can be somewhat difficult to navigate when you are first starting out. Here are some of the basics when it comes to blogs:

Design. Blogs are structured a certain way. The entries on a blog are typically listed from the most recent down to the oldest. Blogs also usually have a comments section in which the reader and the writer can interact with one another and keep the larger conversation about their topic going. Blogs often have a blogroll a list of links to other blogs that are either about a similar topic or are in some other way associated with the blogger.

Content. Blogs may be personal, covering a person’s daily activities. They may be related to a hobby, such as Roleplaying games or cooking. They might be professional blogs, and used to promote a product or a service. Really, it is hard to define what blog content is. Still, the fact is that blog content tends to be a little different from regular web content in a couple of ways. Blog content tends to, on the average, be more personal than regular web site content. Blog content also tends to be less formal than regular blog content.

Creating a blog. Creating a blog is a relatively simple process. There are many free services that make setting up a blog no more complex than creating a document on your computer. The process of publishing your blog posts is, for the most part, a simple point-and-click transaction. It is because of the ease of use, in part, that blogs have exploded in popularity in recent years.

Making money. Some blogs have the potential to make money for the blogger. Through the use of advertising or selling your own products, there is the potential for profit. How big that potential is depends on a variety of factors, including the topic area of the blog and how much traffic you have to your blog.

Traffic. Traffic refers to the number of readers or visitors that go to a blog. The more traffic that a blog has, the more folks will leave comments or click on ads, and the more your ideas will spread.

While there is much more to blogging, these are some of the basic ideas you need to understand in order to get a good start at blogging.


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