Mocha Frozen Delight

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Summer is coming here in the Philippines and the temperature is oh so rising. Drinking a glass of water or the coldest soda drink to quench your thirst will never do. The best way to drive the summer heat away as pleasurable as possible, is to treat yourself with some of this frozen delight! Bittersweet and creamy, guys, meet Mocha Frozen Delight. The whole family will love it! So go on, indulge and enjoy the summer!

What you will need:

Two 250 mL all purpose cream, ½ cup of condensed milk, 1 tablespoon of mocha powder (or coffee powder if you can’t find any J ) dissolved in 1 tablespoon of hot water, pieces of graham crackers or crushed graham, choco wafer sticks, chocolate chips and anything and everything that’s chocolatey that you would want to sprinkle it with.

The How-to:

1)      Mix together all purpose cream, condensed milk, and dissolved mocha powder.

2)      Layer graham crackers on a square glass or an aluminum container. If you want this dessert in a circular glass, you can use crushed grahams instead.

3)      Spread about ½ cup of the mocha-cream mixture on top of the graham layer and sprinkle with crushed choco wafer sticks and chocolate chips. Sandwich the filling with another graham layer and finish with the remaining cream mixture.

4)      To make it look more yummy, sprinkle as many choco wafer sticks and chocolate chips as you want!

5)      Chill before serving.

It’s quick, easy, and delicious! Go ahead and try it!


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