A Review of Bioshock

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Bioshock is one of Irrational’s best games ever. Bioshock is a first-person shooters set in a magnificent abandoned city built under the ocean called Rapture. The story progresses telling you that this city was created by a man named Andrew Ryan, a raving mad-man.

Bioshock is a new game from the ground up. You can’t just call this game a simple first-person shooter. This would do it a great disservice. It is a wake up call to all those companies that keep giving us sequels year after year!

The target in Bioshock is to stop Andrew Ryan. He is a man of unlimited ambitions who build Rapture. However, his vision of Rapture is a total failure. Mutant splicers run the streets and it is your job to protect yourself against them, but don’t forget the ‘Big-Daddys’ the colossal mechanical enemies protecting the sisters. You can use a range of guns, mutant powers, and grenades against these enemies to show them who is boss.

Overall Bioshock portrays an amazing underwater world that is large and engaging for the player. The game allows the player to immerse themselves into an entire world. The scenery helps bring the idea of a 50’s setting, while still keeping graphics up to par with modern expectations. Bioshock’s water graphics are the best seen in a long time, and should be used as a benchmark in future water games. Graphics matched up against a wonderful and engaging storyline make Bioshock not only a good game, but one of the best seen in a long time.


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