The Tragic 9/11 Attack ( a reaction paper)

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The 9/11 attack is one of the most tragic event written in the history. It killed thousands of people and destroyed establishment like the World trade center.

I was in deep sympathy when I watch the documentary video regarding what’s berhind to that irksome event. The former president of United States of America was stunned and got an action for revenge, especially for the master mind suspects– the Bin Ladens. Afterwhich, he held a war in Iraq and also thousands of people was being killed which were mostly innocent civilians.

If you look at the event, I was shocked to see the twist that led myself to be an anti-Bush! It is because i can’t take the things he had done in Iraq. Innocent people were being killed just because of thet foolish revenge which only Bin Ladens group started. In fact, according to the documentary, it is speculated that Bush and Bin Laden had a hidden  agreement which is failed to do. And that also mean that President Bush was also responsible for the bombing. Therefore, i can rate him as criminal, for killing innocent people in Iraq– the quite country that never had an enemy but surprisingly had an irksome encounter due to American attack.


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