Accountability and Justification

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Accountability. It’s a mysterious word. 

The weekend is always harder, because it is more GO, GO, GO. I work too hard. I am trying to clean up the messes that another has left me to deal with. I tell myself “You can’t quit. It is a must. It is required. It is your responsibility and commitment to yourself.”

It’s hard, because I want to rest, and worry about everything tomorrow. But, we don’t say one day, “I skipped a shower last night, I may as well let it go now, I already stink”. I can think of hundreds of other comparisons.

“I ran out of gas, I may as well sell the car”.

We tend to take little things to extremes.

Eating a brownie doesn’t mean we have a right to gorge ourselves for the rest of the day.

Starting over on Monday is a lame excuse. It’s like saying, “On Monday, I will start being nicer to my husband, but for now I am going to treat him like dirt.”

Accountability doesn’t work that way. Anyone can justify things to themselves, but that doesn’t make it right.

If you realise you are doing something wrong, then you stop doing it. Now. Right away. Not on Monday.

Don’t play ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ with yourself. It is a cop-out.

Be accountable. Take care of yourself. Because if you don’t it’s likely no one else will, either.

If you don’t realise your own worth, how likely is it that someone else will?


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