How to sell your ebook without spending a cent

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eBooks are a great way to earn a part time income. eBooks are increasing in popularity each day. So you have written your first eBook and want to sell it? Don’t panic. There are some pretty good sites where you can upload and sell your eBooks for free.


This is the best site on the internet when it comes to self-publishing. You need to sign up with them and upload your eBook. Your eBook can be a Microsoft word doc or PDF file. Even if you have a text script you can still upload it to them and they will convert your eBook into a downloadable file. They also provide cover art if you don’t have one. They take 25% of the sales revenue for hosting and selling your eBook. So if your eBook is priced at 10$ you get 7.5$ and they keep 2.5$ for every sale.

Cyber read

This is another great website for selling your eBooks. The best thing is that you can upload your files in 4 formats namely Microsoft word, PDF, Microsoft Reader, and Mobipocket. You can upload your eBook in any of these formats to sell. The catch here is you get only 45% of your sales revenue which is pretty low.

Trade bit

This is another good site for selling your eBook. You can upload you book in word or PDF format and start selling. You can also set up an affiliate system where others will sell your eBook for a commission. They pay you 75% of the sales revenue which is pretty good.


This is a very famous site for selling digital goods. You can create a free basic account with them and upload your eBook. They also provide you with purchase buttons which you can place in your blog or website and people will be directed to pay via PayPal and purchase the book. If you don’t mind spending money then you can upgrade to a premium account for 15$ a month and get your book listed in the featured listings. You can also set up an affiliate system here for others to sell your eBook for a fee.

So what are you waiting for? Just upload and start selling.

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