Pisces Lovers and Pisces Relationships

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Of all the signs, perhaps you are the most emotional and sensitive. Pisces is the most romantic sign of the Zodiac and oh how you love to love. Ever since you can remember, you’ll have dreamed of finding your one true love.

The Romantic Piscean

All you will have wanted is to find happiness in romance but you have to be careful Pisces. Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. Sometimes you’ll get mixed up in a relationship when if you’d had your eyes open from the start, you’ll have realised that the person just wasn’t for you. Sometimes you’re so carried away with your dreams of ‘being loved’ that you’re blinded to reality.

Now this warning has to be made because you aren’t the type of person who walks away from a shattered relationship with a shake of a shoulder and more hopes about what tomorrow might bring. No. It takes you a long time to pick up the pieces. You’ll have put so much of your love, affection and devotion into the relationship that you won’t find it easy to accept it’s over. You’re a very sensitive soul so Pisces, do take care.

Pisces and Romance

You must be careful when entering a love-relationship. Give yourself time to get to know your partner before baring your own soul. Let the relationship slowly blossom and don’t expect too much too quickly. You will never be disappointed if you go in with your eyes open from the start.

So instead of painting a picture in your mind about what your partner MIGHT turn out to be, wait and let the future show you the truth. It may turn out that he or she will also want a lasting, loving relationships just like yourself. And then it won’t hurt to drop your guard and follow your instincts. Pisceans are so loving, sentimental and loyal. You’re ready to give your mind, body and soul to the partner of your dreams.

How Pisces Gets on with the Other Signs

The type of people who might make you uneasy in a relationship are those who don’t demonstrate their emotions too freely. Some folk like to talk about love. – Folk such as Geminis, Librans and Aquarians. Well, that might satisfy them but it certainly won’t satisfy a Piscean.

You want to FEEL how much they love you. Some people place more importance on the more practical routines in life than on loving. Once they get into a relationship, they don’t feel a need to demonstrate their feelings. Again, you might feel as if you’ve been left out in the cold, if you get involved with a Virgoan or a Capricorn.

Piscean’s Romantic Dreams

You want your relationship to be full of romance and flowers. You love to be beside the sea and you might have dreams of enjoying a honeymoon on a tropical island with plenty of sun, sand and sea. You’re affectionate, warm and giving in a relationship. Just remember what I said before. Don’t give too much of yourself too quickly.

Pisces is a Water sign and you will have a natural affinity with others born under this Element. These are Pisceans, like yourself, Cancerians and Scorpios. Yours is a strongly emotional and spiritual sign and it wouldn’t be surprising if you feel as if you’ve found your soul-mate in one of these signs. Indeed, once you find your own special someone, you might feel as if you’ve already met before … in another lifetime!


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