Aquarius Lovers and Aquarius Relationships

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There is more to astrology than the sun sign so it must be remembered when talking about zodiac sign characteristics that a person’s rising sign and how all the planets combine in a chart also make up their personality. For that reason, this is a fun look at the Aquarius in romance.

There is no-one more unpredictable than an Aquarian. It’s very difficult for anyone to understand you and in some way, your love-life will probably be ‘different’ to everyone else’s idea of romance.

Now you like to talk about love and you certainly have an eye for an attractive member of the opposite sex. You’ll like to admire but you’re uncomfortable if others admire you. Why? Well, it makes you feel as if eventually you’ll have to make a decision. Commitment or not? And the word commitment makes you want to run a mile.

Love Games People Play

You really aren’t in a hurry to get involved in the love-games people seem to love to play. When your pals are getting excited over who’s going out with whom, there are other much more interesting things you’d rather get up to. Aquarius is a sociable sign but you don’t like to get too close to people.

In your childhood you will have had lots of mates but few real friends. And because of this, it might be difficult to change your way of thinking to allow for the normal ways of nature. – To allow you to get close to a member of the opposite sex.

Once that time comes, you’ll need someone who has a very understanding nature. I’ve already said that you don’t give too much of yourself away so that person will have to be patient and never too demanding. I’ve also mentioned your many interests and your sociable personality. Well, even when involved in a twosome, you will want to carry on with these. You will intend to continue your relationships with everyone you get on well with and if your partner shows some jealousy here, problems will result.

Aquarius in Relationships

You really aren’t a person who likes to be tied to any routine. When you leave the house, you don’t like to commit yourself to a special time for returning. Likewise, you won’t want to have to admit to every place you’re going. If you feel your partner’s keeping tabs on you, your rebellious nature might start to show.

The physical side of love is fun. Aquarians enjoy it. Then again, you have to be in the mood. Sometimes you’re hot, sometimes cold and sometimes your partner will wonder whether they’ll ever get to understand you.. – Probably they won’t! But on bearing this in mind, you really will find it difficult to handle a passionate lover who thinks more about sex than any other aspect of your relationship.

Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius, you need someone who is essentially intellectually compatible with yourself. Next, he or she must understand your need for freedom and allow you to continue your relationships and interests outside your partnership. You have a thoroughly modern outlook to romance and if your lover shares this, there should be no problem.

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