Capricorn Lovers and Capricorn in Relationships

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There is more to astrology than the sun sign so it must be remembered when talking about zodiac sign characteristics that a person’s rising sign and how all the planets combine in a chart also make up their personality. For that reason, this is a fun look at the Capricorn in romance.

Capricorn you have a cautious, quiet and … I’d say a more introverted than outgoing personality. You aren’t the type who rushes into anything. And romance too, is an area where you don’t intend to be thrown in at the deep end. Rather, you’d like to cautiously try the water before you make commitments.

Capricorn and First Dates

What I mean by this is that it takes a while for you to warm to certain relationships. First dates are uncomfortable and you don’t want to give too much of yourself away. You find it difficult to trust people and because you have high hopes when it comes to romance, you won’t want to move too quickly. Only a certain special person will fit your idea of your ideal mate.

You won’t relax until you feel you’ve found that him or her.

So your second date too will be a little awkward with many of those embarrassingly quiet moments. But, if your partner’s patient, and you start to relax in their company, they’ll see a side of your nature few people get to know. For once you feel happy in your relationships and once you let your hair down, the wonderfully good-humoured side of your personality will shine through.

Capricorn’s Needs in a Relationship

Because you’re such a cautious, reserved person it’s unlikely that you’ll attract the wrong type. For in doing so, you’ll only get a lot of pain and heartache. You feel ill at ease with sociable folk who seem to have no priorities other than having fun. Your more practical personality shies away from such folk. Of course you can understand people wanting to widen their experiences, but at the same time, you prefer to know exactly where you stand at all times. You like life to be predictable and in your relationships, you want to know that your partner is loyal and that your partnership will be a long one.

Capricorn Girls

Capricorn is an ambitious sign and female Capricorns will be pleased to find a man who has high hopes for his future success. You will do all you can to encourage him up the career ladder because his achievements will give you something to be proud of. This is why you could perhaps get on well with a Leo or Scorpio man. Both these males however, are powerfully passionate. Can you cope?

Capricorn Men

Male Capricorns will appreciate the quiet, loving support of a Piscean partner. She’ll be sensitive and emotional. Sometimes you might feel as if she expects too much in the way of hugs and physical displays of emotions but this could be a good relationship.

Romantic Dreams

Your main dream, you have to admit, is to live happily and reasonably comfortably in a house in the country with a few well-behaved children. But not everyone shares the same wishes. Some people want to see the world and experience life before settling down.

You will therefore need to be careful in your choice of lover. You need someone who shares your own desire for stability and security.

Capricorn is an Earth sign and generally speaking, you will get on best with others who are born under this element. These are other Capricorns like yourself, Taureans and Virgoans. – All practical, down-to-earth no-nonsense types. – Just like you!


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